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The Essays is a website that won’t impress you that much the moment you see it but you’ll later feel good about your decision to choose them. Only if they worked on their speed a bit, I think they’d be a really good option overall.

So, the site design is pretty basic, and the homepage doesn’t contain tons of information like the other usual writing service sites. They do show-off ‘live chat’ support above-the-fold so that’s fairly easy to notice and access.

Prices aren’t that costly at $10 per 275 words.

I actually spent a lot of time talking to them over email, giving them instructions about my orders. They could understand what I wanted to tell them and the support didn’t disappoint me.

They however took a lot of time with my orders, finishing one on the deadline day and another one a day before.

But, boy didn’t I get amazed after taking a look at those writings! They were amazing quality stuff. One of them got my nephew a grade of 46 out of 50, so that kind of speaks for itself.

I really appreciate the fact that they put in so much efforts to produce such high quality written materials, but I’d still prefer if they were a bit faster to deliver orders.

I didn’t check if SMS notification was available, and didn’t bother adding my phone number so I only saw an email from them when my orders were completed. That didn’t bother me specifically in this case because I wasn’t in a big hurry, I was just impatient.

Overall, if you’re seeking quality, go with The Essays with your eyes closed. If you are highly concerned about the speed of delivery, look for something else.