We didn’t have the best of experiences with College-Paper and we’ll tell you exactly what we ordered and what turned up afterwards.

College-Paper.org offered a really professional looking website, their services looked great and I quickly found myself ordering a write up assignment I needed doing.

I scanned in my assignment and uploaded it to Google drive which I then gave them the link to, I also gave them the link to a few other papers I’d written myself so they could do it in my style Language as I didn’t want my professor (who is pretty witty) thinking someone else had written it. Of course I’d be tidying it up later on but really want it as more of a test document.

It was only a 3 page assignment, I went with single space and premium quality and it had to be handed in within a week so I went for the 5 day delivery… Which annoyed me as it ended up being 6 days after I’d ordered it which they said was due to “order processing” or something like that which took up 2 days, I looked across their entire site and it said nothing about order processing or time allocation.

The 1 service I really liked was they offered text message notifications, as soon as my paper was ready I had a text saying it was complete and it was sitting in my Gmail’s inbox ready to be sent to my tutor. That is if I hadn’t of had to spent the next hour or so editing the style of writing.

I attached my previous work so they could do it in the same style as I do, which they didn’t.. It was very monotone and professional where as I’m more of a “creative writer” and like to add pieces of humor, which can be annoying at times but has suited my business type so far and seems to make building relationships online a lot easier.